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NFL Free Agency

I have been watching the recent Free Agency actions in the NFL with interest. It is amazing how much player swapping goes on. I would have expected that the Pats would be somewhat immune to it given their recent success, but as you can see they have lost Damien Woody and Ted Washington. I guess in the end it comes down to money, but it just seems like there is more to playing in the NFL than pure dollars and cents. Is there any value to a team like the Pats which has been to the big game twice in three years and has one of the league’s best coaches?

Unfortunately, I think that the NFL is about economics and it goes both ways. Clearly Woody and Washington were made large offers by the Patriots declined to match them, which brings up an interesting question, who is right? Are the Pats making a mistake in letting these two players go or are the other teams screwed because they are over paying? Clearly Scott Pioli and Bill Bellichek feel like it is latter, but only time will tell. However, given the Pats track record, it is hard to bet against Bellichek.

That said, as the old Chinese proverb said , “We are doomed to live in interesting times.” This certainly holds true with the NFL.

Thoughts about the Superbowl

Being a huge Pats fan, I am thrilled that our boys are in Houston. With an unbelievable winning streak and overpowering defense, they are the natural favorites. The latest line is the Pats by 7.

The interesting point is that I see a real parallel between this Superbowl and the one two years ago. In that game, the Rams were the dominant team and the oddsmakers favorites. And why shouldn’t they have been, they had an incredible offense led by Kurt Warner and had dominated all opponents. The Pats, in the other hand, were not nearly given nearly as much praise and it was assumed that they would be crushed like all of the Rams previous opponents.
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It continues to amaze me how well the Patriots have done. I never would have guessed that they would have had such an incredible season. The perpetual challenge with these guys is that they rarely seem to blow people out, and always let their opponents back in the game.

The Titans game was incredibly tight and was another example of a Pats game coming down to the end. This all leads to incredibly stressful games for the fans, because we are biting our nails until the end.

This looks to be another tough game this weekend. The Colts looked so tough against the Chiefs and the Pats D. will have their work cut out for them in playing.

Go Pats!


What was up with the Patriot’s this weekend. Once more, their defense was anemic. What is there supposed defensive mastermind, Bill Bellicheck doing? Basically, the defense continued from where they left off in the Chiefs game. They were completely porous and were incapable of stopping the run. What happened to the defense to the defense from the first two games? Regardless, the team has to step it up on both sides of the ball or else they have no hope of going anywhere this season.

Patriots vs. Chiefs

The Patriots game today was unbelievable. It was a dichotomy. In many respects particularly relating to defense and penalties, it was one of the worst games in recent memory; however from an offensive perspective it was much better. Yet even with this less than stellar showing they still managed to pull it out in the end. It was pretty much of a miracle IMO.

The reality is that the Patriots defense sucked. They were unable to stop Priest Holmes from running and gave up a huge number of pass in key situations. This looked like a completely different team than the one we saw during the previous two games. What was going on? Why the complete ineptitude after the superlative performance in the past? I have no idea, but they need to shape up because they cannot expect to win playing so poorly against tougher teams like the Dolphins.