Review: JuiceSSH For Android

JuiceLogoAs my readers know, I am a techie and one of my hobbies is monkeying with Linux. My basement contains multiple Linux servers including a Raspberry Pi model B, and I also have a couple of Linux webhosting accounts. I am an anti-GUI kind of guy and so I manage and operate all of these systems through SSH. The process has historically worked really well until a few months ago.

Recently, my company updated their firewall to block SSH and so my remote access functionality ceased operation. This was a problem especially since I was in the process of migrating webhosts. As a result, I had to look for other SSH access options. My first thought was to use my smartphone and so I headed to the Android AppStore to look for a client.  My initial search yielded ConnectBot which was highly rated; however, I ran into problems. Continue reading Review: JuiceSSH For Android

Migrating WordPress from one host to another in seven easy steps

As a service to my readers and for my own future knowledge, I wanted to explain how to move a WordPress blog from one web host to another. As I wrote previously, I recently moved to a new web host. My strategy for migration is to bring up the blog on a subdomain for testing purposes. Once I have fully tested the site at its temporary location, I use DNS to point the active URL to the new site. Let’s walk through the steps: Continue reading Migrating WordPress from one host to another in seven easy steps

New Server Coming

I recently ordered a new server to replace this one. It is a pumped up machine that includes 1g. of RAM and dual 80GB HDs using RAID 1 all in a 1U form factor. With the arrival of the box, I plan on moving my hosting to a new situation where I should get better overall throughput. The net result is that my dinky DSL line will no longer be used for web hosting and will be freed up for other activities. Interestingly, my IIS box still lives on DSL connection and I have not decided what to do with it. With my growing love of LINUX, my poor win2k Advanced Server box has been relegated to nothing but a development server for ASP and Dot Net. I may actually just take it down and let it die. I would never imagined that after having configured the Win2k and then having LINUX as an after thought that LINUX box would end up dominating my activities. It really does. I am a complete convert and vastly prefer Linux. It is just so reliable. The downside is that it is complicated as hell to configure, but once you get it running, it is rock solid. I digress, anyway keep your eye out for the new server. I will post when it is operational and hopefully you will see a great improvement in throughput.