Drobo FS – A review

I am an active photographer and am always generating new content.  This hobby necessitates large amounts of relatively fast storage that can scale efficiently.  I prefer NAS storage because I want the ability to share storage between multiple systems.  My initial investment was in a ReadyNAS device from Netgear and more recently, I added a Drobo FS to my Gigabit Ethernet network.  In this post I will discuss the Drobo FS.  In a future write-up, I will compare the Drobo FS to my ReadyNAS device.

Unpacking the Drobo FS:

This is one area where the team have Drobo have done an impressive job.  The device arrives in an unimpressive cardboard box, but once you open it, the experience is Apple-like.  The first thing you see is a jet accessory black box with silver lettering saying “Welcome to Drobo.”  The Drobo array is wrapped in a high quality black bag with Drobo printed on the top facing you.  Very nice!  The packaging gives the device a a high quality consumer electronics feel. Continue reading Drobo FS – A review