Lebron James and the Cavs

I have been watching the NBA playoffs. The series between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Celtics was a tough one. The two teams played very closely and it continues to frustrate how the Celtics were unable to play consistently on the road. It was the same trend we saw in the Hawks series and clearly does not bode well for their success in the playoffs. You cannot expect to go to 7 games in every series and have the energy to go all of the way. It is interesting to see what happens with the Pistons series. Currently, the Celtics are ahead.

I wanted to talk briefly about Lebron James. The guy is clearly an incredibly talented player. One of the other things that impressed me was his character. So many NBA players seem to have this attitude and arrogance about them which I find troubling. Lebron handled himself in a very professional and mature manner. This is unexpected of someone of his young age and wealth and he deserves credit for it. Thus he is unusual not only for his talent, but also for his maturity and personality.  Kudos to Lebron.

Boston Subway Accident

A couple of days ago, there was terrible subway accident in Boston. The pictures were all over the news and it was clear that one train rear-ended another and the pictures suggested a very strong impact that severly damaged both trains. There were numerous injuries and one death. The whole thing was just a horrible tragedy.

I have taken the same train numerous times over the years and in fact I took it every day when I was in elementary school. The odd thing that I cannot figure out is how the accident occurred. These trains all have drivers whose job it is to control the speed of the train. It is much like driving a car except there is no steering involved. What I cannot figure out is how one train could collide so aggressively with another. I would think that the driver would have seen the stopped train ahead and applied the brakes. For some reason either this didn’t happen or it happened too late.

I am left scratching my head, could this be driver error, a mechanical error or something completely different? I am not sure, but believe that it is important to find out to minimize the risk of these kinds of accidents in the future.

Celtics Basketball

I am currently watching the Celtics playing in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals. I have been very excited with the progress that the Celts have made so far, but am feeling frustrated. The guys in green seem to have this dual personality. When they play well, they are outstanding and when they play poorly things can go south rapidly. One of the most annoying elements is that they can change from one extreme to another rapidly.

We saw this change in Game 4 where they had a lead of 10+ points at the end of the 3rd quarter, and then barely squeaked by with a 4 point win at the end. During the last few minutes of that game, the two teams were actually tied! Here in Game 5, the Celts are at it again. They were up 6 points at the half and here at the end of the 3rd, they are imploding yet again and are down by 8.

This not to take anything away from the Pistons, Detroit is a great team. They are putting lots of pressure on the Celtics, but when the Celtics implode, they just make really stupid turnovers and fouls that just drive me crazy. It is like the tale of two teams and you never know which will show up for a given game or a given quarter for that matter.


Perhaps my post above motivated the Celtics and they turned it on in the 4th quarter and won!  Yippeee, now it is going to be an old school final — Lakers vs. Celtics. 

Comcast Internet Speeds — Fixed!!!

I have posted in the past complaining about the upload speeds of Comcast high speed Internet which I use.(Post 1, Post 2)  I was expressing frustration over the lack of upload speeds on my connection which is important for uploading photos.  Historically, upload speeds were about 380 Kb/sec.

I periodically test my connection to check on on the down load and upload performance.  The sites I use include the following:

I was testing throughut last night and noticed a huge change!  All of sudden my bandwidth has dramatically improved!  I have not heard a word from Comcast on this, but the difference is huge.

Look at the change!  When I last tested in February, downloads were about 4.5 Mb/sec and downloads were about 370 kb/sec.  Those were the rates that I have historically seen and have complained about.  Amazingly, look what hapened when I tested yesterday.  The download speed more that tripled to about 14.8 Mb/sec!  (You may wonder why the middle test was slower, that was because I tested that one on a wireless lapton with 802.11G.  The other tests were with a wired Ethernet connected desktop.)  The most compelling difference is the change in upload speed!  Every test above shows upload speeds about 5x faster than the previous tests!  I am amazed by this and thrilled.  The irony is that Comcast has not said anything about this and do not seem to be promoting it.  This makes me much happier!

Euro Cup Soccer

I am not sure how many folks out there are soccer fans.  The MLS here in the US is our soccer league and I am not sure how many people actually watch games.  I watch them infrequently.  I have been watching the Euro Cup soccer games with great interest.  Soccer aka football is huge in Europe and the tournament eseentially takes the best player from each country and all the countries are vying for the honor of best team in Europe.  The players are very talented and in my opinion better than most MLS players.

The thing about soccer is that many american may find it boring because it is relatively slow and low scoring compared to games like football, baseball or basketball.  Having played soccer myself, I can tell you that the fame is much harder than it looks.  Those players have amazing abilities to control the ball and I really enjoy watching them.  In some respects, it may be a required taste, but I highly recommend checking it out althought the Euro Cup final game between Germany and Spain is currently being played.