Migration complete!

I have successfully migrated to WordPress from B2Evolution.  The process was completely painless and highly efficient.  There are still some issues with previously posted images and youtube tags which I need to deal with at some point, but the content came through painlessly.

In case anyone is wondering, I used the script located here.  It went much more smoothly than expected.  The process was completely self explanatory.


I originally implemented b2evolution for this blog because I wanted multi-blog functionality. That is, the ability to host multiple blogs in one instance. Unfortunately, this is a feature not offered by WordPress my other blog engine.

My work blog over at aboutrestore.com relies on WordPress and I had forgotten how powerful that platform is. It is not that b2evolution is not powerful, but WordPress appears to have many more plugins and a very broad and active userbase. If I were to do it again, I would use WordPress here and bypass b2evolution and am still considering migrating.

Finally, this version of b2evolution is old and I am wondering whether newer versions are more intuitive like WordPress. Definitely worth a look since the migration path is easy.

Migrate to WordPress

I am pondering the process of migrating this system to WordPress and am using this post as a place to maintain links to possible solutions. I welcome feedback on migration from any reader.

Paid service — http://worth2read.org/blog/2009/01/31/import-from-b2evolution246-to-wordpress-27/

Seemingly good option courtesy of WordPress forums — http://wordpress.org/support/topic/215389

A bit more thorough write up of the process at the WP forums — http://www.seo-strategies.org/2009/10/migrating-b2evolution-to-wordpress/


I have been very distracted over the last few months with other endeavors. Specifically, I have been blogging about data protection on my aboutrestore.com blog and have started a photo journal where I post one picture every day. Finally, I am also twittering. The result of all this that I have limited time for this personal blog. I will still try to post every now and then, but my frequency will continue to be low.

Sorry about that!

Behind on blogging

I have been distracted as of late with digital photography and have been spending quite a bit of time taking pictures.  Unfortunately, this hobby has eaten into my blogging time hence the lack of posting as of late.  I will try to post more in the next week.  Sorry for my absence!