How I “Survived” the Zombie Apocalypse

A few months ago, my friend Ed sent an email encouraging me to join him in the RunForYourLives race. For those of you unfamiliar, it is a 5k race where you run through mud and various obstacles while being chased by people pretending to be zombies. At the time, it seemed like a great idea and with some additional encouragement from my friend David, I signed up. I completed the race yesterday, and friends and family keep asking about it and so I figured that I would create this blog summary. Continue reading How I “Survived” the Zombie Apocalypse

Mayoral sports gaffe

Boston is a rabid sports town.  The fans obsess about the local teams and are currently enthralled with the Boston Bruins playoff collapse, the Celtics success versus the Cavaliers and the struggling Red Sox.  On Monday, the Bruins unveiled a statue of Bobby Orr commemorating his Stanley Cup winning goal in 1970.

Boston’s five term mayor Thomas Menino spoke at the unveiling about Boston sports teams and embarassed himself with two major gaffes.  You can see video clip below.

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I have been very distracted over the last few months with other endeavors. Specifically, I have been blogging about data protection on my blog and have started a photo journal where I post one picture every day. Finally, I am also twittering. The result of all this that I have limited time for this personal blog. I will still try to post every now and then, but my frequency will continue to be low.

Sorry about that!

BC to fire head coach

The airwaves were on fire this week over the situation over at BC.  The Eagles football team has been very successful under the two year tenure of coach Jeff Jagodzinski.  The coach signed a 5 year contract with the college and finished his second year.

The big news is that the coach is interviewing with the Jets for their head coaching job and BC has indicated that they will fire him if he continues with the interview.

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I am currently watching the Pats-Broncos game and am pleasantly surprised.  I was concerned this AM thinking about the upcoming games because of how good Cutler looked in the few games where I saw him.  He is certainly not looking very good tonight and the defense is getting pressure on him which is a nice change.

The one downside is the running back sitaution.  Sammy Morris was fantastic in the first half and is now out.  The new guy looks okay at best.  Hopefully he does not have a serious injury and Lamont Jordan will be back as well.

The other intangible point is that the team just looks very motivated tonight.  They have a hunger that was missing from past games.  Now, if they can only maintain that for future games.