Another quick Blackberry post

I posted a few days ago about why I chose the Blackberry Bold over the Storm.  After having used the Bold for a couple of days now, I continue to think that I made the right choice.  It provides a very easy to use typing experience and I barely missed a beat from my previous 8700C to the Bold.

I was interested to see that phonewreck recently wrote a review comparing the Blackberry Storm and Blackkberry Bold.  Their conclusion is similar to the one that I reached in my brief comparison of the two platforms.  It is a good read and is worth checking out.

Why I chose a Blackberry Bold over a Storm

I am in the market for a new Blackberry and have been holding off a making a purchase because I wanted to wait for the new Verizon Wireless BB Storm.  This weekend I had the opportunity to try out the Storm and Bold in rapid succession.  As a reminder, the Storm is Verizon’s new touchscreen Blackberry that looks like the iPhone.  The Bold is a traditional BB device that includes a complete keyboard.

I am a frequent Blackberry user and am a huge fan of these products.  I use the device as both my primary cellphone and email device.  For me, email is the killer app and is equally important as phone functionality.  This is the big reason why I am not considering an iPhone because I do not like their email implementation and keyboard.

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Blackberry Storm — Released to mediocre reviews

The long awaited touchscreen Blackberry Storm was released today to long lines and sold out inventory.  It seems that the launch was a bit botched since a last minute problem was identified which limited the amount of phones available for sale.  As the title says, the reviews of the phone were mediocre. has a complete list of reviews.  It is ironic, I was ready to go out and stand in line to get one today and decided to hold off due to the questionable reviews.  In short there are two issues which are holding me back:

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The latest Blackberry’s

Well, I have posted quite frequently about my interest in Blackberry cellphones in the past.  I often lamented the fact that the Bold was delayed terribly especially since my phone is getting old in the tooth and desperately needs replacement.

As the old adage goes, "When it rains, it pours", I have gone from having no new options to two brand new choices.  AT&T announced the Blackberry Bold which is the newest QWERTY BB.  This phone is essentially the newest version of the traditional BB form factor device.  It has been delayed incessantly and is finally available.  Definitely a good choice although it is simply an enhanced version of the existing platform.

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