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XBox Games

I am a bit frustrated these days with the XBox. I am a huge fan of of the XBix, but have become annoyed about the lack of quality games for the platform. So many highly touted have been released and yet they all suck. Look at “Chase:Hollywood Stunt Driver,” “Terminator Dawn of Fate,” “Prisoner of War” or even “Dead to Rights.” I don’t get it. Does Microsoft not realize that these are bad games? (Side note: When I say bad games, I don’t mean games that I don’t like, but rather games that are just poorly designed and executed.) This entire situation is frustrating because I do have time to play games now and yet there is nothing to play on the XBox. Now, I know this is a relatively new system, but that is no excuse. There have been quite a few games released on the Gamecube that I have loved including: Resident Evil, Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem and the Star Wars game. These games are the only
that have held my attention over the last 3 months. (with the exception of online Halo which is a hack and not that reliable). Come on Microsoft your console is only as good as your games! Why is it that there are better games for the Nintendo? Is Nintendo better at developer relations/recruiting or is there something else going on here. I have no idea, but all I can say is that I am frustrated. Shelling out $300 for a platform that only has one decent game (Halo) is an incredible waste. Given the weak line up, it is amazing that the XBox has done as well as it has.

On the bright side, hopefully my XBox Live! beta pack should come in the next few days which will provide a whole new level of distraction. I think Live has the potential to completely change the XBox experience for the better and I am thrilled to try it out. I am planning on getting a couple of friends over after I have it set up to try it out.

XBox Live!

Well the good news is that I got into the XBox Live! beta! I am really excited about it as I think the future of gaming is definitely online. That is the good news the bad news is that I cannot log into the server where I have to register. Evidently, Microsoft is overloaded and cannot handle the situation! Hah, how funny is that, an online service that won’t even let you register. Whooops, not a very good thing. Regardless, I am going to keep trying. I will have them send me the stuff via some form of express shipping and will post thoughts and experiences in the Forum when I get the system up and running.

Microsoft to acquire Rareware

I am not sure if anyone has seen this, but Rare has been a staple on the Nintendo platforms. These guys developed Golden Eye and Perfect Dark on the N64. Both games were fantastic and these guys are renowned for developing games which push the limit of system hardware. I am really excited about this. Just imagine a next generation version of Golden Eye. That game on the N64 was way ahead of its time. It had the best multiplayer action on any platform and only recently has been surpassed by Halo. The only downside is that it will take at least a year for the first game to come out.

Here is a link from Usenet that is quoting from the site

XBox Online

Mike S. in CA just purchased an XBox and so he and I have been playing online a bunch in the last few days. I forget how fun but also how annoying playing the XBox online is. I was having more problems yesterday playing. We start these games and the pings would like fine and then all of a sudden they would sky rocket and we woudl get horrible lag. Sometimes it was me and other times it was other people. There has to be a better way. I am hoping that XBox live works as promised. Online gaming is a blast when it works, but man what a head ache when it doesn’t. I can’t help but wonder how Microsoft is going to effectively manage the bandwidth and overall connectivity to prevent these
kinds of things from happening. The addition of voice in Live will make bandwidth management even more important. I am really very curious and looking forward to the public release of Live in November. I am still hoping to get in on the Beta test, but it is currently unclear about whether that will happen.


I have grown a bit fed up with my XBox as of late. There are just not that many good games out for the system right now. HALO is still by far the best IMO, but I am sick of the single player action since I finished the game. Come on MS, I want some more games! On the bright side, my GameCube simply rocks in the single player area. Earlier in the summer, I played and finished Resident Evil. It was a great game with fantastic graphics. I am now focused on Eternal Darkness. Once more this is just a great game. You play as a ton of different characters in various centuries. Very cool and ver diverse environments. I have to finish this one.