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My name is Jay and this is my blog.  I am a technology enthusiast with an interest in all things tech-related.  By day, I am responsibility for managing the enterprise backup hardware business for a large company and by night I tinker with technology.  I am interested in many topics including data backup/recovery, data storage, smartphones, sports, digital photography and social media.

My broad technology interest also applies to OSes.  I have experience with LINUX, Solaris and Windows Server and am particularly enamored with LINUX.  I currently have five different LINUX servers and a Raspberry Pi in my basement and yet still rely on Windows as my primary desktop OS.

This blog was originally started in 2002 and feel free to meander through the archives to see what I was posting about in the past.  I re-activated the site in May of 2010 and plan to contribute more regularly going forward.

When not blogging here, you can also find me blogging on at Aboutrestore.com or on Twitter.  You can also contact me directly.  Comments are not moderated on this blog and alternative perspectives are welcome.

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