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sony-xperia-z3-compact-318_verge_super_wide (1)Last week, I blogged about my frustration with the battery life of today’s phones.  My position was that we have become complacent and that we must prioritize phone longevity over other features.  My phone is coming off contract and so I committed to prioritizing battery life as a key metric for the future purchase.

A Twitter Follower had recommended that I look at the Experia Z3 family from Sony.  These devices bring high end phone specs and two different size options.  The base Z3 comes with a 5.2 inch screen and is unsurprisingly is called the “Experia Z3.”  Sony also offers a 4.6 inch model which they call the “Z3 Compact.”  The Compact is particularly noteworthy because it bucks the industry trend of  limiting high end hardware exclusively to large phones.  (Generally, flagship phones like the Galaxy S5, HTC One M8 or LG G3 get the latest hardware and the smaller versions of those phones come with reduced specs.)  The Compact has similar hardware innards as the Z3 with the exception of a smaller screen and hence smaller form factor.  I find bigger phones awkward to hold and pocket and so the idea of a very powerful smaller phone intrigues me.  The initial press releases suggested that Sony was prioritizing battery life which further accelerated my interest.

The Verge posted one of the first reviews of these phones here. (Update: Engadget now has a review too.)  The summary is that the two Experias are very competitive with the other flagship Android devices from a hardware standpoint.  In my view, the Experia Z3 Compact is particularly noteworthy because it maintains a smaller form factor while not compromising on features or performance.  Most importantly for me, the battery life on these two phones is outstanding.  Shockingly, the review suggests that the Experia Z3 Compact will last almost three days on a single charge!  Wow, that is unheard of battery life and I am smitten.  This phone has a high probability of being my next one.

Imagine, a high end phone with cutting edge features, a more pocketable form factor and a 3 day battery life.  Who wouldn’t want that?  The only remaining question is which carriers will carry it and when it will be launched.

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