My Favorite Android Apps

My friend John Obeto recently blogged about application usage and Windows Mobile and wondered how many apps people have installed.  I am not a WinMo user, but do use Android which offers a (more?) robust app ecosystem.  My Motorola Atrix currently has 42 apps installed including a couple of app specific language packs.

Before delving into installed apps, it is important to understand my application strategy.  My experience with previous phones (non-Android) suggests that an excessive number of applications can impact phone performance.  Thus, I am quite selective when choosing applications and will often remove ones that I either don’t use or use infrequently.  With that said here is a list of the ones that I find most valuable.  Any feedback or suggestions on alternative applications is welcome!

Productivity Apps:

  1. KeePassDroid – Great open source password tool – Must have
  2. Open Signal Maps – Used for configuring my wireless repeater.  Candidate for removal
  3. gReader – A great RSS reader that integrates with Google Reader – Must have
  4. ESPN ScoreCenter
  5. Google Shopper – This one seems cool, but I never use it.  Possible deletion candidate
  6. Dropbox – Works great especially with KeePassDroid – Must have
  7. Movies (aka Flixster) – Great when looking for movies
  8. DoggCatcher – A great podcast player
  9. FlightTrack – Fantastic for flight information including real time updates – Must have for frequent travelers
  10. HotelsByMe – Used infrequently and so I might delete it
  11. Photo Tools Pro – Great tools for advanced photography
  12. Seesmic
  13. K-9 Mail – An alternative to the GMail client used to send large files
  14. TripIt
  15. Google Music
  16. TweetDeck
  17. MyAT&T
  18. YouTube

Third party tools:

  1. XFinity – Painfully slow and kludgy, but the channel guides are beneficial
  2. Bank account application – (Prefer to keep the bank info private)

Keyboards – Still testing out options:

  1. Swiftkey X
  2. Perfect Keyboard
  3. Smart Keyboard Pro – Currently my favorite – A must have
  4. Gingerbread Keyboard


  1. Setting Profiles Lite – An indispensible ringer profile tool – A must have
  2. Digital Clock Widget – Did not like the native clock widget
  3. Battery Monitor Widget – Love the granular battery life information – A must have
  4. OI File Manager – Required by some application (Drop Box?)
  5. Juice Defender Beta – Not currently using this; it is a candidate for removal
  6. WordPress – A great tool to review and edit WordPress blog content and comments
  7. AndroBlip – Application to manage and view postings on Blipfoto
  8. Vlingo – Powerful voice recognition.  Works great! – A must have
  9. Google Maps
  10. Mobile Speed test
  11. Any Cut

Games – Still looking for really good ones

  1. Air Control – Fun!  I like this one – My current favorite game
  2. Airport Mania – Fun! But buggy because I cannot save a game.  It is on the list for removal
  3. Mouse Trap – A fun maze game
  4. Shaky Tower – Trying this one out and deciding whether to keep it
  5. Tank Hero – Still in trial like Shaky Tower
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2 thoughts on “My Favorite Android Apps”

  1. Nice article! buying the smart keyboard on your word man, it better be good 😉
    ps: fix the smart keyboard link; its pointing to perfect kb.

    1. Amit,

      Thank you for your comment and link correction. I have fixed it. Regarding SK Pro, I continue to endorse it. I have been using it for about a month and still find it the best.


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