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  1. Jim Sherhart
    October 25, 2010

    Jay – Great review and we always appreciate solid product feedback. I’ll make sure our key Dashboard Engineers see this.

    Regarding the issue you experienced with the drives, that is a situation that only arises if too many hard drives are removed. For example, in single drive redundancy mode, one drive can be removed and the system then requires some time to reorganize the data back in to a protected state. If another drive is removed before the system has time to complete the reorganization process, then the error message you experienced will be displayed.

    Regarding the performance test you ran, please keep in mind that you ran the Drobo FS in dual-drive redundancy mode and the Netgear system in single-drive redundancy mode, so it is a bit of an apples and oranges comparison. There will always be a performance penalty for dual-drive redundancy. I also noticed you mentioned getting the IOmeter tool directly from Netgear, so it is possible that it might have been tweaked to their specifications.

    You nailed one of the primary reasons we use our Dashboard utility instead of browser-based management – security. In addition to that, it also allows us to support low-level communication protocols that make discovery of the device on a network much more robust for users that may not be networking experts. Most people like to plug things in and have them appear and Dashboard provides us with additional control to do that on a consistent basis.

    Again, great review. Glad to see that overall you are happy with the unit and appreciate the feedback.


    Jim Sherhart
    Marketing Guy


    • admin
      October 26, 2010


      First, thank you for the feedback and positive comments. The unit is very solid and I have been impressed with it. I particularly liked the packaging! Kudos from one marketing guy to another! 🙂

      Thank you for the clarification on the drive issue. I was confused about the situation and never understood exactly what happened.

      Your point about the performance test is a good one. I will re-test in single-drive redundancy mode in a future post. Does Drobo have a preferred IOmeter.icf file? I would be happy to test with it in the future.

      There is no doubt that auto-discovery is critical. Drobo Dashboard automates this process. Netgear takes an alternate approach and provides a small auto-discovery utility that you can run. It works well in my experience and does not require a tray resident application.

      I appreciate your perspectives on my review and your comment.


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