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  1. John Obeto
    May 23, 2010

    Aaah, I can see where the misconception is, Jay.

    You are conflating a NAS device with a NAS software suite.

    For WHS devices, such as the HP x510 Data Vault and the EX495 MediaSmart Server, everything is in place, and you just plug-and-play it.

    This WHS software package is the NAS software that powers those OEM devices now made available for enthusiasts to create their own devices.

    As a result, the OS is decoupled from the backup software brings backup/restore functionality to the underlying hardware.

    Are you trying to tell me that there is a Linux NAS/OS combo that is a one-stepper?

    I don’t know what CentOS is, but I can bet that the install process for that distro is definitely NOT easier or more elegant even Windows 2003.

    A comparision with a Linux-based hardware-software combo would be more accurate, IMO.


    • admin
      May 24, 2010


      Thank you for your comment. Your point about product delivery is a good one. If you are purchasing WHS with the system pre-installed then this install review is not relevant to them. However, the next review will be very relevant because it will focus on functionality.

      Finally, regarding the comparison, my primary alternative is an integrated LINUX NAS appliance which includes hardware and software. It does not offer the same backup functionality, but in many other respects is similar. I will discuss the differences in more detail in the future.


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