BC to fire head coach

The airwaves were on fire this week over the situation over at BC.  The Eagles football team has been very successful under the two year tenure of coach Jeff Jagodzinski.  The coach signed a 5 year contract with the college and finished his second year.

The big news is that the coach is interviewing with the Jets for their head coaching job and BC has indicated that they will fire him if he continues with the interview.

At first glance, the above situation looks very poor for BC.  How could they be so punitive about an interview?  The issue gets much more dicey when you look into it and realize that the coach Jags is potentially ditching BC less than half way through his contract.  He has been successful at BC and the college took a risk in hiring him since he was relatively unknown.  Here we are two years later and he has essentially indicated that he would rather work in the NFL then honor his commitment.

The other irony of this whole situation is that it is highly unlikely that coach Jags will get the Jets job.  New York is a major sports town and the Jets need to choose an established coach with a strong record.  You could imagine Bill Cowher, Mike Shanahan or Brian Billick, but not coach Jags.  The coach choice is critical given that the Jets flamed out with their previous pick of the inexperienced (as a head coach) Eric Mangini.

In short, Jags is essentially ditching his college job where he makes $1 million per year for an interview that is unlikely to result in a job.  He is also renegging on his contract and commitment to BC.  Hmmmm, something seems odd.  Maybe he has plans for an assistant coaching job in the NFL, but that will still result in a major pay cut.  Is the BC coaching job really that bad for Jags?


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