Obama cabinet picks

I recently was perusing the Internet and ran into this article where they discuss Obama’s cabinet appointments.  Specifically, the article suggests that liberals are growing nervous about the centrist nature of Obama’s cabinet picks.  Personally, I think that a centrist approach is much more pragmatic and likely to lead to success.

Like anything else, the voting population varies from far left to far right.  Clearly the liberals were huge supporters of Obama and his message.  However, I believe that the far left is a relatively small minority(as is the far right) and that you cannot win an election by only appealing to that crowd.  Obama’s success in the election came from attracting centrist liberals and conservatives.  If he were to fill his cabinet with far left politicians only, he would risk alienating his constituency which could negatively impact has presidency and hurt his chances for a second term.  In my opinion, the right move is the centrist approach.

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