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I recently went into Boston for a night to celebrate a special occasion.  As part of the trip, we needed to find a hotel that had a good location and reasonable rates.  I reviewed a number of options including the Four Seasons and New Ritz, but the cost of those options was prohibitive.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Taj Boston had very compelling rates.  I always knew that the hotel was in a fantastic location. (It was previously the Ritz before they opened the new one.)

I was a bit uncertain about the Taj having not stayed there before, but decided to try it out.  In summary, I was very impressed.  We had a fantastic time at the hotel and the staff was outstanding.  I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a really nice and relatively inexpensive place to stay in Boston.  Here are a three highlights:

We were fortunate to have a room with a fireplace.  This was not one of those new gas fireplaces, but was a real wood burning one.  The cool thing is that they provided a fireplace menu and so you could choose the type of would you wanted and the fireplace staff would bring the necessary wood and starting materials.  You just called down and they showed up.  The options were Cherry, Maple, Oak and one more which I forget.  The other nice thing is that there was no extra charge for this service.  Very cool!

Everyone has their own take on what is the ideal ambiance.  I prefer traditional places versus the new age designs.  (Think W hotel for the new age design.)  The Taj is the same as the previous Ritz and maintains all of the traditional ambiance in the public areas.  The rooms have been recently re-done and so did not have the old and tired feeling you sometimes find at older hotels.

To me this is the most important.  You interact with people throughout the stay and it is the staff who can make or break any hotel.  The Taj scored very high in this regard.  The staff was very friendly and helpful at all times.  They also went out of their way to recognize our special event and created a special flower arrangement on our sheets when turning down our beds.

In short, the entire stay was very memorable and part of that was due to our experience at the hotel.  As previously mentioned, I would highly recommend the Taj to anyone considering a hotel in Boston.

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