Quote from Chris Matthews

On the YouTube video below, Chris Matthews from MSNBC says, “I want to do everything I can to make this [Obama’s] presidency work.”  Politics aside, doesn’t it seem odd that a newscaster would so blatantly indicate that his goal is to ensure Obama’s success?

I am sorry, but IMO, the media’s job is to maintain impartiality.  Like anything else, some policies are successful and others are not and it is the media’s job to differentiate so the viewers can make their own assessments.  Now we have Chris Matthews saying he wants to do what ever it takes to make Obama’s presidency work.  This reflects a complete bias and is hugely problematic.

On a side note, I am not trying to make a political judgement.  I believe that this perspective is very dangerous for either party.  The media must do what they can to maintain impartiality.  How can Chris Matthews have any credibility on political issues whatsoever when he makes statements like this?


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