A tribute to election day and “A House Divided”

I have a few extra minutes this AM and thought that I would create a quick blog post. I drive by this house every morning on the way to work and my friend MMH over at The Distracted HausFrau posted a picture of this house a few weeks ago entitled a “A House Divided”. The homeowners have since changed their signage and so I thought a quick update would be an appropriate tribute to election day.  I decided to crop this photo a bit tighter than  HausFrau and the lighting was a bit tough due to the time of day.

The photo illustrates (Click for a full size image) how the varying opinions of one household is in many respects are a microcosm for the nation.  Of course, he will most likely be disappointed tonight.

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One thought on “A tribute to election day and “A House Divided””

  1. Ha! I tried to get this shot, too, with the modified signage–three times, actually, but the lighting was tough! nice job 🙂

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