Day of Rocketry With Pictures

Today, I joined a pack of Cub Scounts in a model rocketry event.  I found the entire experience reminiscent of the past.  As a child, I spent many hours devoted to rocketry and have fond memories of spending hours building these rockets and then launching them.  The last one I built was a replica of the space shuttle and I remember to this day!  I cannot wait to do the same with my kids in the future.

I brought my camera to the event and took the pictures below.  It is a time series of pictures of a launch.  In case you were wondering, it was not that hard to take these pictures.  The launchers counted down from 5 and when they hit 1, I held down the shutter button.  Interestingly, even shooting at 6 frames per second, I was only able to capture 5 frames.

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