Movie on President Bush

I find it interesting that a movie was just released about the life of our president, George W. Bush.  Clearly, he is a polarizing figure.  However, I personally think it is disrespectful to release a movie about any President while he/she is in office.  This is not a political issue, but rather relates to presidential respect.

On a side note, the reviews of the movie have been mediocre and surprisingly some reviews have suggested that it treats the President reasonably fairly.  Regardless, releasing a movie about a sitting president’s life just seems very disrespectful.

All of this said, I am huge proponent of free speech and believe that it would be a mistake to outlaw this type of movie.  However, I would hope that directors and/or producers would recognize the inappropriateness of this and would wait to release the movie until after the President’s term is over.

What do you think?



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