Rovio mobile webcam

I was perusing the Internet and came across a very cool new gadget called Rovio.  The device is essentially a webcam mounted on a wheeled platform.  The cool thing is that you can remotely control the Rovio and drive it anywhere you want.  It also allows you raise and lower the camera, and includes a built in microphone and speaker so you can talk to anyone you see.  Essentially, you login to the web GUI of the device remotely and then drive it around your house to see what is going on.  How cool is that?

It goes one step further and has a pathfinding feature where you can set a path and program the device to follow this path at fixed intervals.

This is one of the coolest devices I have seen recently.  I am not really in the market for this type of device, and if I was, I would jump all over it.

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