Pats Chargers on Sunday Night

I watched the Pats game on Sunday with great interest.  The team was coming off a win vs. the Niners and before that a loss to the Dolphins.  I was interested to see how the team would perform against the Chargers, a team that has had a tough year, and has a reasonably strong offense and defense.

The game was a tremendous disappointment.  We all knew that the Patriots offense would suffer with the loss of Brady; however, most people thought that the offense would do okay and the defense would help.  The defensive perspective was fueled by the addition of Dom Capers, the return of a 100% health Richard Seymour and numerous additions in the secondary.  (Of course, the Pats lost Asante Samuel, but the thought was that improvements in other secondary players would help.)

My frustration with the game yesterday was that the defense looked hopeless. Rivers picked the secondary apart and they gave up far to many big plays.  Part of the problem was that the front line did not get enough pressure and the secondary simply could not effectively cover the Charger’s wide receivevers.  This was a huge problem all night.  Compounding these defensive issues is an effective offense, but I would give the offense a bit more leeway given that Cassell is the QB.

In short, the Pats offense and defensive are looking terrible right now.  The offense is understandable given the Brady injury, but the defense is not.  They should and must do better if they expect to even make the playoffs.  I have no idea what it will take for the defense to step it up.  If they continue to play like they did on Sunday, it will be a painfully long season and they will be lucky to go 8-8.

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