ALDS Game 3

The game last night was an odd one.  The Red Sox had their ace in Josh Beckett on the mound, but his performance was only average.  It seemed like he could never get it going and just keep missing.  Other aspects of his game also were weak like when when he missed the base on a simple run to cover first.  Had he made that play, he would have avoided the 2 run homer that tied the game in the same inning.

Even with his poor pitching performance, the Red Sox tied the game, but it seemed like it took a monumental effort to do so.  The other frustration with the game is that with such a short outing, the Sox were forced to go to the bullpen early which is not good especially if they are needed tonight.

Tonight is game 4 and we are back to Jon Lester.  It is ironic that this young guy who the Red Sox were talking about trading last spring is currently the Red Sox’s best pitcher.  Who would have thought?  Lester’s story is an inspirational one with him having overcome cancer early in his career.

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