Red Sox and the ALDS

Kudos to the Sox on winning the first game of the ALDS.  The Angels are a great team and so many folks were thinking that the Red Sox would lose the series.  Clearly they still could; however, the Red Sox started the series on a high note and created momentum.  The pressure is now on the Angels in game 2 since they need to win at least one game at LA.  For the Red Sox, they only needed one game in LA and so a loss tonight is not devastating.

I am currently watching game 2 and the Sox are ahead in the 4th inning; it looks to be a tough game regardless; I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed.

My frustration with these games is that they are on so late that it is hard to stay up and watch the entire thing.   I understand that it is on late because of the west coast, but it is bothersome nonetheless.  I wonder how this impacts ratings since it affects all viewers in the east.  Likewise, when the games come to Fenway, I wonder how the earlier start time will affect ratings.

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