I recently implemented a new stats package on one of my blogs and will be adding it here as well.  The service is called Woopra and it provides detailed statistics on blog traffic.  The cool thing is that it has a small java applet that you install on your desktop computer and it provides real time traffic reporting.  I can see when people visit the site in real time and where they go.  They have a native plugin for my wordpress.org blog and I have to manually add the code to this blog.  Regardless, I find the app very powerful

There is one downside, it has a client application, a web-based reporting tool and an integrated dashboard application in WordPress.  I have experienced a problem where the only interface that works is the desktop application.  The other two just spit out errors saying that no records exist.  It is frustrating; however, this is a beta application and so some growing pains are expected.

In general I am enjoying Woopra and would recommend to other bloggers out there.

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