I have a friend who runs a blog on blogger.  She was having some issues with her posts and asked for my help.  The problem was that she wanted to embed a podcast and wanted to do some advanced formatting.  I created a blogger account and logged in and was horrified to see how rudimentary the compose interface is.

There seems to be minimal WYSIWYG functionality in there and so advanced formatting requires html knowledge!  Yecchhh, don’t get me wrong, I understand and can code in HTML, but I see no reason why I should waste my time doing so just for a blog.  All my current blog applications support rich HTML interfaces using TinyMCE. (I am referring to b2evolution and self hosted wordpress)

The other problem is that there is no way to easily host an MP3 file there.  Both my current apps provide a simple way to upload files and then link to them in a post.  There is only limited ability to do this in blogger.

In the end, I had to create a google website for her to host her documents and then had to create a hyperlink to that URL.  This was very doable since I understand the web, but for her was very difficult.

In short, I just do not understand blogger.  It is meant to be a simple
and cost effective solution for people who just want to blog, but
the interface is anything but simple.  It appears that the only people who can really take advantage of it are more web savvy folks which contradicts the premise in my opinion.

Does anyone else have any thoughts about blogger?  Am I missing something obvious here?

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