Computer Error Messages

I recently ran into this article that highlights 13 of the most common computer error messages throughout history.  This is a great article that talks about numerous errors that I am sure many of my readers have seen over the years.  Here are a couple of my favorites:

  • "lp0 on fire" –  lp0 refers to a printer port in Unix/Linux and this message is suggesting that the printer is on fire!  How great of an error message is that?
  • "Does not compute" –

There were a number of good additions in the comments.  Some of my favorites from there include:

  • "Keyboard error, press F1 to continue"
  • "You don’t exist go away" 
  • “Installation failed. Something is wrong. Find out what it is, fix it, and try again”

I highly recommend that you check this out.

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