Patriots-Dolphins – A travesty

The Pats Dolphins game was horrid.  I have always been concerned about the offense given that Brady went down, but the game was a complete mess on both sides of the ball.  I could see if they lost because of their offense, but in this case the entire performance was pitiful and the defense was porous at best.  Heck, it was questionable whether they could even stop our local pop warner team!

I have no idea what went on and think that it was just a general lack of intensity.  That is no excuse, these guys are paid millions of dollars for their intensity and desire to win.  There is just no excuse for such a poor showing.  The ultimate frustration is that the Pats had this great streak going and to lose it like this is just awful.

The Pats now head into the bye week and a definite low.  Hopefully they emerge from this two week hiatus with a renewed focus on winning.  If not, we are in for a long and painful season.

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