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One of the interesting dichotomy’s of the iPhone is that it offers iTunes and the AppStore which in theory simplifies the process of finding and purchasing applications.  While this is true, it also creates a conflict.  Since Apple controls the AppStore, they also control what applications are available in it and they have shown a willingness to reject applications that they deem competitive the embedded applications.

I recently ran across an example where someone wrote an application to access GMail and Apple rejected it.  This is the biggest frustration to me with Apple and their products – they tightly control access.  Why must I use iTunes?  Why can’t I choose what application to install instead of the "Apple Police" deciding for me?

The iPhone is without a doubt one of the best, if not the best, smartphone on the market.  I just struggle with the proprietary nature of the phone.  I can purchase and install any application I want on my Blackberry; why can’t iPhone users do the same?

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