Brady is done

The bad news has come to pass and Tom Brady is done for the season.  What a major bummer!  7 minutes into the first game and he is finished for the season.  This leaves the Pats in a tough spot.  He was the MVP last year and is effectively irreplaceable.  Now we have to rely Matt Cassell.  It is interesting to see what happens given his lack of NFL game experience.  There is nothing like the present time to see if he has the skills to lead the team!

There is currently a huge debate about the QB situation.  The pressing situation is who they should bring in as a third string quarterback.  The two names that come to mind are:

Chris Simms

He played for the Bucs in the pre-season and looked good.  It is curious that he is still out there.  Clearly many people do not place a ton of value on him or he would be playing with another team.

Matt Gutierrez

Guttierez was the third string QB last year and so he has a year with the system.  He was cut back in pre-season and is reasonably current.  Of course, he was let go because his performance was uninspiring.

Now the question is where to go.  My preference would be Chris Simms because I think that he is better than Guttierez, but then again, he has no experience with the system.  While I prefer Simms, I believe that they will go with Guttierez since he knows the system.

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