NPR talkshow with republican delegates

I was recently driving when I turned on NPR and heard a talk show where they were interviewing republican delegates from battleground states.  They had 4 or 5 different delegates who they interviewed about the election situation in their state.  The annoying thing is that every delegate said virtually the same.  When asked about the situation in their state each basically said, "My constituents are really excited about McCain and are even more excited about Palin.  There is a ton of momentum in our state and we are confident that McCain will win."  After hearing, three different delegates saying essentially the same thing, I got board and turned it off.  What a flop of a show!

As I posted earlier, the people at the convention are the true believers and so their response should come as no surprise.  What you expect them to say, "McCain and Palin sucks and we are screwed"?  Of course not, I would have expected that NPR would have thought through this more before scheduling the show.

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