Democratic National Convention

I had the good fortune of attending the DNC a few years back when John Kerry was the Democratic nominee.  You probably remember it, John Kerry walked on stage and said "John Kerry, reporting for duty!"  I watched it live and the current DNC made me think of it.

The interesting thing about the convention is that it brings out the true believers.  All of my readers, I am sure, have their political perspectives and if you are like me then your views are not tied to party lines.  That said, the attendees at the convention (and this applies to either Democratic or Republican conventions) are the true believers.  These are people who hang on every word and truly believe in the candidate and the party.

Drawing an analogy, the DNC reminded me of one of those Beatles concerts from many years ago.  At the time, the fans swooned and were completely enthralled by the band.  It didn’t matter they sang because it was the Beatles and you loved them.  The convention struck me as eerily similar.  These are people who truly believe and are enthralled by politics.  I am not sure if anyone really listened to what was being or if it even mattered.  Everyone was just so hyped that they probably would have cheered if Kerry had said that he was going to get a sex change and marry himself!  It truly felt like they were brainwashed and in some ways, perhaps they were.  Everyone fed off of everyone’s else excitement resulting every increasing excitement and group think.  I viewed this all as a political outsider and as more of a sociology experiment rather than a coming to God moment.

In short, regardless of your political leanings, the DNC or RNC is well worth attending.  I feel fortunate to have been there and owe a debt of gratitude to my friend Jamie who included me.

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  1. those events are definitely for the true believers! i am still surprised you came that night, but it was fun to have you there.

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