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If you are like me, you may periodically find yourself struggling with disk space.  It is one of those realities like tax and death that no matter how much disk space you think you have, you find a way to fill it.  I have the biggest problem with my laptop which does not have a very big drive to begin with and then I fill it with all sorts of applications.

The problem is that when I run out of space, I can never figure out what to delete to free up space.  Finding things to delete is easy,but findings the things that matter can be difficult.  This is where this application comes in.  TreeSize Free will scan your hard drive and show you a granular view of capacity utilization.  You can see how much disk capacity each folder uses.

This tiny utility has provided tremendous value.  It allows me manage the disk capacity more effectively in my laptop.  I periodically run it to see where I am using excessive disk space thus where I need to archive files.  It is highly recommended!

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