Hugging your kids

I was watching Supernanny last night on TV and could not believe what I saw.  This was one of those scenarios where the father was doing the hard work and the mother was kind of checked out that.  The weird part was how checked out the mother was.  She literally ignored the kids all the time.  The most bizarre comment was when she hugged one of the kids (after essentially being forced to do so by the Supernanny!) and the child said "I cannot remember the last time you hugged me." (!)

Now I understand that Supernanny is a kind of pointless show, but this situation left me flabbergasted.  How could a parent not hug their children?  How could someone be so callous to their kids?  More to the point, how can Supernanny who is there for a few days think that she can help?  That mother clearly needed serious psychiatric help and short term browbeating by the Supernanny was not the solution.

The other thing that I cannot help think about is what happened to that woman to make her so cold?  Can you imagine not hugging your kids or your friends noy hugging their kids or your mom/dad not hugging you?  There has to have been very very bad things in that woman’s life and hopefully someone is helping them beyond Supernanny.  A week of advice is not going to permanently change someone with a condition this serious.

Please, do me a favor; please be sure to give your friends/family a hug the next time you see them!

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