Touchscreen Black Berry aka Thunder Pictures has some live pics of the still under development touchscreen Blackberry codenamed thunder.  I posted
a while ago about how there was some uncertainty about how well the
current testing was going.  Two separate blogs had completely opposite
feedback on how the testing was going.  That said, it is still nice to
pictures of the device.  It does look interesting although not nearly
as sexy as the iPhone IMO. 

The other good thing about the device is
that it will be a Verizon exclusive.  AT&T/Cingular is totally
focused on the iPhone and so you can easily imagine why they would not
entertain a touchscreen Blackberry.  They do not want to harm their
iPhone sales.  I also wonder if that is part of the reason why they
delayed the launch of the Blackberry Bold.  Regardless, the Thunder
could be an intersting device especially since Verizon has the better
network than AT&T and this is the first time that they could have a better Blackberry device than AT&T.  Of course, only time will tell…

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