Lebron James and the Cavs

I have been watching the NBA playoffs. The series between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Celtics was a tough one. The two teams played very closely and it continues to frustrate how the Celtics were unable to play consistently on the road. It was the same trend we saw in the Hawks series and clearly does not bode well for their success in the playoffs. You cannot expect to go to 7 games in every series and have the energy to go all of the way. It is interesting to see what happens with the Pistons series. Currently, the Celtics are ahead.

I wanted to talk briefly about Lebron James. The guy is clearly an incredibly talented player. One of the other things that impressed me was his character. So many NBA players seem to have this attitude and arrogance about them which I find troubling. Lebron handled himself in a very professional and mature manner. This is unexpected of someone of his young age and wealth and he deserves credit for it. Thus he is unusual not only for his talent, but also for his maturity and personality.  Kudos to Lebron.

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