Firefox 3 and Plugins

I have recently taken the plunge and updated to Firefox v3. This is the latest and greatest release of Firefox and a dramatic improvement over previous versions. After using it for a few weeks, I have to say that I enjoy it, but notice all that much of a difference. Not sure if this sacrilege, but I really liked Firefox v2 and this just seems to be more of the same which is not a bad thing.

As part of the installing the new Firefox, I also reviewed all of the plugins available and decided to implement many more. My current favorites include:

Plugin Description
Adblock An excellent tool which removes ads from websites.  It is simple and transparent.
Chatzilla A lightweight IRC client.  Why is this needed?  You never know when you need it and it is just nice to have it.
Cooliris This provides quick page previews.  It is helpful, but not one that I cannot live without.
Download Status Bar This is a great plugin that simplifies how Firefox handles downloads.  It puts the download in the footer bar instead of spawning a new window.
Firefox Showcase This is a tool that allows you to view thumbnail images of all open tabs.  Cool, but not a neccessity in my mind.
Fisheye Tabs This add-on makes tabs dynamically expand when you mouse over.  It is very helpful when you have many tabs open and allows you to avoid scrolling.  Highly recommended.
FXIF A simple tool for viewing EXIF data on any picture.  Simple and reasonably useful.
IE Tab This is by far the coolest and most useful plugin.  I effectively integrates Firefox and IE browsers and allows you to open a page inside Firefoxwith IE.  This is particularly useful for those sites that require IE or don’t work well with Firefox.  It is highly recommended.
Image Zoom This  allows you to easil zoom in and out of large images.
Scribefire This add-on is new to my collection and I am testin it out.  It allows you to post to blogs remotely via  the plugin.  You literally open the plugin and start tying away.  It works quite well and I plan on keeping it.

 I definitely recommend that you check these out.  The most compelling ones are IE Tab and Download Status Bar.

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