Euro Cup Soccer

I am not sure how many folks out there are soccer fans.  The MLS here in the US is our soccer league and I am not sure how many people actually watch games.  I watch them infrequently.  I have been watching the Euro Cup soccer games with great interest.  Soccer aka football is huge in Europe and the tournament eseentially takes the best player from each country and all the countries are vying for the honor of best team in Europe.  The players are very talented and in my opinion better than most MLS players.

The thing about soccer is that many american may find it boring because it is relatively slow and low scoring compared to games like football, baseball or basketball.  Having played soccer myself, I can tell you that the fame is much harder than it looks.  Those players have amazing abilities to control the ball and I really enjoy watching them.  In some respects, it may be a required taste, but I highly recommend checking it out althought the Euro Cup final game between Germany and Spain is currently being played.

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