Comcast Internet Speeds — Fixed!!!

I have posted in the past complaining about the upload speeds of Comcast high speed Internet which I use.(Post 1, Post 2)  I was expressing frustration over the lack of upload speeds on my connection which is important for uploading photos.  Historically, upload speeds were about 380 Kb/sec.

I periodically test my connection to check on on the down load and upload performance.  The sites I use include the following:

I was testing throughut last night and noticed a huge change!  All of sudden my bandwidth has dramatically improved!  I have not heard a word from Comcast on this, but the difference is huge.

Look at the change!  When I last tested in February, downloads were about 4.5 Mb/sec and downloads were about 370 kb/sec.  Those were the rates that I have historically seen and have complained about.  Amazingly, look what hapened when I tested yesterday.  The download speed more that tripled to about 14.8 Mb/sec!  (You may wonder why the middle test was slower, that was because I tested that one on a wireless lapton with 802.11G.  The other tests were with a wired Ethernet connected desktop.)  The most compelling difference is the change in upload speed!  Every test above shows upload speeds about 5x faster than the previous tests!  I am amazed by this and thrilled.  The irony is that Comcast has not said anything about this and do not seem to be promoting it.  This makes me much happier!

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