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I am currently watching the Celtics playing in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals. I have been very excited with the progress that the Celts have made so far, but am feeling frustrated. The guys in green seem to have this dual personality. When they play well, they are outstanding and when they play poorly things can go south rapidly. One of the most annoying elements is that they can change from one extreme to another rapidly.

We saw this change in Game 4 where they had a lead of 10+ points at the end of the 3rd quarter, and then barely squeaked by with a 4 point win at the end. During the last few minutes of that game, the two teams were actually tied! Here in Game 5, the Celts are at it again. They were up 6 points at the half and here at the end of the 3rd, they are imploding yet again and are down by 8.

This not to take anything away from the Pistons, Detroit is a great team. They are putting lots of pressure on the Celtics, but when the Celtics implode, they just make really stupid turnovers and fouls that just drive me crazy. It is like the tale of two teams and you never know which will show up for a given game or a given quarter for that matter.


Perhaps my post above motivated the Celtics and they turned it on in the 4th quarter and won!  Yippeee, now it is going to be an old school final — Lakers vs. Celtics. 

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