Blackberry Thunder Questions

I have posted about my interest in Blackberry phones in the device and just recently posted about the future touchscreen Blackberry.  My timing was fortuitous.  Today there were two completely conflicting posts about the device.  In this post, indicate that the initial feedback from testers using the touchscreen Blackberry codenamed Thunder was very positive. Ironically, at almost the same time, reports that the initial testing results are very negative and that the current version of the Thunder is almost unusable. The two sites then get into an argument about the results and the link above includes from Crackberry includes a link to a response from the BGR site on the Crackberry post and a counter response from Crackberry.

Now, the question is which is the truth? Generally, Boygenius is one of the most reliable sites and so their information probably has more credibility. That said, it is just so interesting that the "insider" information is so contradictory. The reality, in my opinion, is that we are not likely to see the Thunder for 3-4 months and so I am not surprised with the BGR response and am certain that there are numerous kinks to be worked out. I think that the BGR feedback is probably closer to reality than

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