Digital Photography

I am a huge fan of digital cameras and believe them to be tremendously powerful. There are all sorts of cameras out there with all kinds of different form factors. Many people like the small and portable cameras which are great and convenient. However, I am extremely focused on image quality and prefer digital SLRs for the fast shutter speeds, lense flexibility and image quality.

Historically, there have been two main players in the SLR space and the same two players are very strong in the dSLR space as well. The competitors are Nikon and Canon, and you find people who strongly prefer one of the other. I chose Canon, but that just happened to be because they had the best dSLR to meet my requirements when I was looking to purchase the camera. I continue to love my camera and highly recommend Canon’s dSLRs.

On one final note, my favorite site for general camera reviews and discussions is These guys do a thorough review of all digital cameras and are a great resource to utilize if you plan on buying a camera. They cover both dSLR and traditional point and shoot cameras. I believe that this is one of the most comprehensive and thorough digital camera review site on the Internet.

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