Cubicle Warfare

One topic that I sometimes read about but rarely partake in is cube warfare. This is a type of battle that revolves around trying to annoy those in the cubes around you. I find the whole concept quite humerous, but in general avoid participation due to the risk hositility escalation. That said, I do find the occasionaly prank enjoyable although I tend to plan them rather than implement. That said, in my web travels, I have run across a site that has some funny things for cube warfare. Check out Think Geek where you can buy things like remote USB rocket launchers. Most recently, I stumbled on a book called cubicle warfare. From the website, it looks very intriguing and includes 1000 pranks. I am not sure if I am going to run and purchase the book, but it does look funny.

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2 thoughts on “Cubicle Warfare”

  1. Looked around and found few of the pranks from the book photobucket, so I guess you could post a few images?? I’d just stay way from scans. Site and book look good..probably going to pick this one up, there is a guy down the hall that I call the “NOID”..he bugs!

    Photobucket > Office Prank

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