Another perspective on global warming

We often hear about the threat of global warming and the impact it has/will have on the globe. An oft cited source for information is Al Gore’s "An Inconvenient Truth." We hear about this and in fact global warming has become a rallying call for many politicians. It seems that the Democrats are more focused on this issue than the Republicans.

The interesting thing is that once the politicians get involved this no longer becomes a scientific issue, but rather an emotional one. Once the emotions set in, facts no longer matter and the issue takes a life of its own.

This is where global warming (GW) is these days. This is not to say that GW does not exist, but rather that it has becoming this incredibly emotion driven topic and is generally acknowledged that this is one of the biggest issues facing us. But is it really? If you research, you will see that there are many scientists who do not believe that GW is really an issue. Their opinions are de-emphasized while everyone promotes the scientists whose theories are inline with the theory of GW. I am personally undecided on the issue of GW. It very well could be the most important issue of our time, but it also could be a load of hot air (pun intended). Given the strong opinions on either side, it is difficult to understand what is actually happening.

This brings me to my final point which is a recent article from the National Post. Ironically, it says that this winter is one of the coldest on record and in some of those places where people were screaming about ice loss actually have more ice now than ever before! It is an interesting read that makes you think and was a key driver in this post.

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