Elmo goes postal

I was perusing Fox News and it must be a slow day because they featured a story on Death Threat Elmo. Yes, believe it or not they had a story dedicated to Elmo. Specifically, a woman bought a new Elmo doll for her son who is obsessed with Elmo. (If you watch the video, you will see how obsessed. The room is filled with nothing but Elmo dolls. Creepy!) Anyway this is some new fangled Elmo that talks.

Elmo’s battery recently died and evidently, he did not appreciate the battery change.  He emerged from his operation wanting to say only one thing: "Kill James". (James is her son.) Yes, she is the new and exclusive owner of the new terrorist Elmo! This is one of the most bizarre an laughable stories I have heard about in a long time. Follow this link to read the full story including a video with Elmo threatening James.

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