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It was interesting this AM.  The Today show had a whole segment on Barack Obama and talked about how he is strong on rhetoric, but weak on actual content.  Clearly he is a talented speaker, but how long can you continue on with limited concrete content?  Matt Lauer asked Obama this question and Obama claimed that he was would be adding in more real content.

The biggest irony is that right after the statement about more content, Matt Lauer asked the following: "The Republican platform revolves around tax cuts, small government and security, how would you define your platform?"  This is where it gets most interesting.  Rather than providing concrete examples like the republicans, he made some vague remarks about "caring government" and other completely BS remarks.  It sounds so typical with the previous point where he just talked and provided no real content.  For me, that was just a perfect example of him providing nothing concrete and just saying what he thinks people want to here.

It will be interesting to see what concrete things he begins to say.  Note that I am not sure if any of the other candidates are all that much better.

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