I find the whole presidential primary situation interesting.  Before all of this started, if you had looked at the candidates, I would have thought that McCain would have his hands full with the various republican contenders and that Clinton would have had less competition given her political pedigree and connections.

I just find it so interesting that the ongoing situation is completely different.  McCain has basically won the Republican nomination and Clinton is battling for her life with Obama.  Obama has a certain easy going and confidence inducing quality that has led to a ground swell of support.  Of course, the race is not nearly over on the Democratic side.  Clinton has many allies and lots of experience in campaigns.  (Between herself and Bill).  It will be interesting to see what they try to pull to overcome Obama’s lead.

The latest news had suggested that the races in Ohio and Texas are key and if Obama wins either one, then it is done.  My understanding is that Clinton is way ahead on Ohio which leads to Texas.

Regardless of your political leaning, you have to agree that this spectacle unravelling is very interesting.

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