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I was jsut perusing the Internet and noticed that offers legal MP3 downloads. You have to pay per song, but the result files are true DRM-free MP3’s.  These are files that will play on any music player.  iTunes does offer DRM free music, but they mix in both types and so you have to be very careful when choosing what to buy.

My frustration with iTunes DRM is that it limits you from playing the tunes on any device other than those that work with iTunes.  (e.g. iPods)  My attitude is: "I bought the music and should be able to play it on any device."  The only way you can be 100% certain to do so is by downloading music in MP3 format which is a universally accepted standard.  This very fact has prevented me from purchasing anything from iTunes because I do not want to support their proprietary DRM.

The beauty of the Amazon approach is that the music is indeed DRM free and can play on any device.  The purchase process is actually quite simple for individual songs although one review indicated that you need to download and install Amazon software to download an entire album.  My interest is more in individual songs and so I do not believe that this is a true limiatation.  I suggest that you check it out.

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