A crushing defeat

Wow, what a Superbowl!  The Pats had ample opportunities and yet they never seemed to get on track.  It felt like they never got in rhythm.  They had a couple of good touchdown drives and everything in between was inconsistent.  You have to give the Giants credit for this as their defensive plan seemed to be quite good; however, it also seemed that the Pats offense just didn’t play well.  In pondering the game, there are ta number of big plays that come to mind:

  1. 4th and 1 for Giants — The giants had a 4th and 1 in the 4th quarter.  If the Pats had stopped them it would have probably won the game.  They were unsuccessful.
  2. Asante Samuel Dropped interception — Asante Samuel had a chance to intercept Manning in the 4th quarter.  Had he been successful it would have put the Pats in the drivers seat to win the game.
  3. Manning Escape — The pats had Manning in a 3rd and 5 and it appeared that they had him sacked.  To his credit, he managed to escape and threw a long completion for first down.  Had the Pats sacked him, it would have been a difficult 4th and long.
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