Foreclosure Story on the News

On the news, they had a story of a woman who bought a house that was far beyond her means.  Now she is in a situation where interest rates have increased dramatically and she can no longer afford the house.  People are trying to foreclose on the house and she is vowing to fight including barring herself into the house.  Interestingly, in the interview on the news, she says "It is not my fault.  I was pursuing the american dream and was mislead by my mortgage broker and realtor."   Now, is she is making a valid argument?

In my opinion, we all have to take responsibilities for our own actions.  It is certainly possible that the woman did not understand the mortgage, but don’t you think that you would want to understand what kind of mortgage you are committing to before you sign the paperwork?  It is certainly possible that she was mislead by one of the parties mentioned; however, it still sounds like she is blaming people around her without taking respnsibility for her own actions. 

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